Beige Paldar Kani Shawl-Maheen


We at PashmeLadakh aim to enhance the livelihoods of nomadic goat herders of Ladakh and weavers/embroiderers of Kashmir. We work closely with them to provide you with fine handcrafted Pashmeena shawls. We source the finestraw material from secluded hamlets of Ladkakh.
A hand crafted Kani Shawl is more like a piece of art. both Men and women contribute towards making of a Kani Shawl. In Kashmir, weaving is traditionally the work of men. These men have to be patient, dedicated and focused as Pashmeena yarn is fine and fragile, breaking readily. This is particularly the case for Kani weavers, Kani shawls are so complicated that it can take up to a year for two weavers working together to complete one shawl. Coloured yarn is wrapped around small wooden sticks called Kani’s (in Kashmiri). This serves as the weft and is made to pass through the warp as per a written code. The results are often astonishing making the effort worth its while. Kani weavers are proud men.

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Dimensions 206 × 102 cm