Our shawls are broadly divided in to three categories. we welcome your feedback and are happy to hear from you about a retail,a wholesale or a made to order query.

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The contemporary Shawls 

This is a collection of simple handwoven shawls and scarves, there are plain, striped, chekered, and double sided shawls. The natural undyed state is off white, beige or taupe (a grey/brown). The plain ones are available in almost any shade,  dyed manually using environment friendly dyes.

Kani Shawls 

Kani shawls are woven on a special loom using an advanced and highly skillful technique.

Embroidered Shawls 

The plain shawl woven on a hand loom is then hand embroidered by the artisans. Embroidery is done by both  men and women in Kashmir. The pattern is drawn on a  plain shawl using temporary ink on a hand carved wooden blocks which e becomes guiding pattern for the artisan to follow the pattern. The artisans use a tiny needle  to embroider the shawls using a fine cotton thread or a silk thread.

Pashmeena being soft and delicate fabric an embroider ought to be very precise and alert. The beauty about embroidered shawls is that no two shawls are very the same even if the same artisan is re doing it.