A social business

In PashmeLadakh people are the primary focus. It is a social business where basic fair trade principles are adhered to.

To source raw Pashme, we personally travel to isolated high altitude villages in Ladakh. This often requires walking on foot for a day. Direct sourcing  of raw Pashme eliminates the possibility of adulteration. We develop a personal relationship with the nomads, to ensure that our fair trade practices benefit them directly ,e.g. we pay 10% to 20% more than the other tradesmen. We also aim to provide them more income through our unique Pashmeena Trail, a tour package for those interested.

In Kashmir, we work with the artisans as a team. all designs keep the revival of traditional motifs and techniques in mind. Weavers are paid a higher than market price for their work. Additionally, 20% of profits go to an educational  foundation dedicated to the children of Kashmiri artisan’s.

The cotton pouches to store our products  are made by   women’s groups/NGO’s  trying to provide sustainable employment to poor women living in large city  like Mumbai and Delhi.





Pashmeladakh has also decided to help few small private schools by providing them computers and lab equipment’s which were completely destroyed due to devastating floods of 2014. These schools were already struggling to exist and the floods caused more damage.

In addition PashmeLadakh  provides Kashmiri Artisan’s and Ladakhi Nomad’s children with various educational tools that may enhance their overall development and learning abilities.